Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Color Coded...The Ugly Truth...

I have a secret. My parents conducted science experiments on my siblings and me.
I know what you are thinking…there is no way they did that.
But it’s true, all you have to do is take one of us shopping and the ugly truth will come out, as we gravitate toward our FAMILY COLOR (dun…dun…duh)
Try it, I dare you to try and get us to pick out a towel that isn’t our family color. Oh it might seem like it works but deep inside is the realization that…
Purple is Megan’s color. I can’t use that towel, and so it sits unused until the very last day before laundry day, and if she stays the night that is the towel offered to her to use. Only then does its purchase feel “right”.
Family colors made sence in a family six girls, where we often had multiple items that were the same.
Matt = Blue
Becca = Green
Abby= Red
This is because Abby and I kept switching colors that Mom got tired of it and stuck us with the color we had at the moment. Neither of us we’re pleased with the results.
Terra = Yellow
Megan = Purple
Katie = Orange
Samantha = Aqua marine
Who would have thought it would have such long lasting effects on otherwise independent people?

This issue has come up occasionally but on the whole we have all learned to deal with it- until Jason wanted to have purple as part of our wedding colors. I like purple, I do. But I can not have my wedding reception be covered in Megan’s family color! It’s Megan’s! That means that everything there will be hers!
Stop laughing, this is serious!
So purple is out.
Jason also wanted invitations with a Celtic border- very nice, but did I mention that Megan went through a Celtic phase?
Yep, Celtic is out.


Mrs. K said...

now that is just silly. :/

Dad said...

I am glad to know that all the brain washing was effective! I stayed up many nights trying to think of ways to torture you children. Just wait until you give me some grandchildren. Then the fun will really start. Contaminate the little critters and then send them home to terrify their parents. Payback is so good!

megan said...

i totally understand where youa re coming form on that one. i do like blue al ittle better than purple but hey they are both cool colors. plus it was matt's falmily color so it's not like taking a isster's family color.

Matthew said...

Hey! Blue is still mine!

I still vividly remember the day we all selected our family colors. Being the oldest, and only boy, I got stuck picking last (as usual).

Rebecca originally chose blue, but she let me have it after my witty and well-reasoned persuasion. OK, maybe it wasn't that witty or well-reasoned. Basically it boiled down to, "I wanted blue!" She frowned, and gave it up.

Anyway, I think the celtic pattern should still be an option for the invitations. Just 'cause Megan went through a celtic phase doesn't mean she has claimed the whole genre as her personal domain. Also, what about using lavender for a color? It's kind of purple, but far enough away to avoid ownership issues.

Bonnie said...

Here's another vote from a non-voting member for celtic designs. Abby also wears celtic jewelry. We are of celtic ancestry, all of us. The one potential downside is that once you establish a theme on your invitations, it wiil behoove you to maintain it through out other choices. Not a downside if you embrace your celtic identitiy. Kilts are not a requirement.

Terra said...

Did you know Jason is Scottish?
he is from the Duncan clan.

and did you know that there really is a clan MCCloud? My roommate is from it.

megan said...

why don't you just tell jason you and marcus had purple in your wedding. well, lavender anyway.

Matthew said...

Now, now, mother. You know very well that we are all of Lebanese ancestry =)

Terra said...

that would be a good ploy - but we had pink. it was supposed to be a "dusty rose" but ended up looking like someone threw up pepto bismal.