Friday, April 08, 2005

Day Four: Saturday

Before we left for Utah I tried to set up a time for Jason, Jim, Jessica and I to get together for some kind of meal, but nothing was set up so I didn’t worry about it. Then on Friday Jessica mentioned hanging out together, well, OK. I can roll with it. I had assumed that since Saturday was the day of her recital she would be to busy to do anything (which turned out to be true), but I would take what she was offering. She said that she and Jim would be over to the hotel around 10:30am -11. No problem.
Jason had been trying to get a hold of his mission friend J. C Batty but had not had any luck. Originally they had talked about getting together on Sat. morning but had not confirmed anything because he wouldn’t call Jason back. (J.C has a fiancĂ© and seems to be a bit pre-occupied). Jason had been a bit pissy all morning so when Jessica and Jim showed up late he decided to blame not getting to see Batty on her. She was pissy because she was stressed over her recital.
Flame to gasoline.
Sis. H and I had gone to the store to pick up a few items and missed the actual exchange so all this is hearsay.
Jessica and Jim came in and Jason was upset that they were late. He said he thought the plan was to hang out them and Jessica said that was never the plan. He said we (he and I) had canceled plans to accommodate her (not really true, but not false either) and that he as fine but that he felt she should apologize.
Hmmmm…. What happened next? Anyone?
She got mad. He got mad. According to Jim’s little sister who witnessed it there was some language exchanged that might not have been appropriate… Jessica had to go to get ready for her recital so I took the two Jennifer’s (they are the same age and have the same name) to the pool.
The outside but mercifully heated pool.
Jason stayed in the hotel talking to his parents. James decided he wanted to sleep standing up while taking a shower- his two favorite activities.
The two Jennifer’s and I had a great time in the pool playing “categories”. Jason joined us after a while and we had a great time until we had to get ready for the recital. I did a great job keeping the showers efficient and getting some lunch into people. As well as getting ready myself and blow drying Jenn Lawrence’s hair as well as my own using one bathroom and one hair dryer. All in 45 minutes.
Jason helped out by ironing shirts for people and got dressed in a nice stripped shirt that I think he looks really good in.
He was wearing jeans with it, so I asked him to change to his suite pants, then he put the jacket on with out a tie.
“Miami Vice” is all I could think of.
So I asked him if he had a tie, (which he didn’t) for the shirt he had on, he had lent his plain white shirt to James. With a playful wink he asked me if I was saying he didn’t look good. ”Of course not, you always look wonderful honey”. I then walked out to the main room and asked his dad if he had a tie Jason could use.
Jason was not pleased.
His father did not have one that matched so I let it go.
We stopped to return the ski rentals as well as pick up some flowers for Jessica- where we found that we could get two dozen for the price of one! Sis. H decided that worked wonderfully, so if Annie’s parents didn’t get her flowers we could give Jessica one and Annie one. This lasted until we got to the hall where Sis. H. realized she wanted to give both to Jessica. She asked me what I felt she should do, and I just told her that she had no obligation to give flowers to Annie and that it sounded like she knew what she wanted to do, so she should go ahead and do it.
We got to the recital hall with plenty of time to spare where I realized that I had forgotten my video camera. The same video camera I had purposefully brought to Utah for this very event. Luckily the recital was recorded professionally. I was also asked if I was a performer twice that night (I think this was because I was wearing a black dress).
Jessica did great as well as Annie who was singing with her. There were some nice refreshments outside the hall for the attendee’s, and I became…
I took pictures of the two girls and then took pictures of Jessica with her family. I don’t mind, it gives me something to do during events where I feel out of place. Such as places where I only know a few people and don’t want to seem needy.
I get a little bossy when I’m taking pictures but I think that getting it right is worth it. Jason was laughing at me by the end of it because I kept arranging people a certain way to minimize shadows and weird looking stances.
After the recital we went back to the hotel to change (a lot of time was eaten up on the trip doing this). Where I called Lissa to see if she wanted to try and get together once more and we set up breakfast at her house conference morning. She gave me directions as well as the address which in turned out to be interesting. Lissa Wilkinson is living in the house Jason’s grandmother built and his mother lived in for most of her life. In fact Lissa lives in his mother’s room. It was an exciting moment for Sis. H. she also sent me with the message that they needed to paint the garage.
After we drop by the address Lissa gave just to make sure it was the house we thought it was, we went to Jason’s “Uncle” Bill’s house and played games and ate pizza. Uncle Bill isn’t really related to the Heilpern’s he is just a really good friend of the family and they consider them family. There is a game called Conquest that they played that night that is similar to “Risk” and “Chess”. It’s really fun and can become a bit addicting. Bill and Bro. H. played it together when it first came out, and now the bug has been passed on the Jason and James.
Because I knew it would be an extremely competitive game I choose not to play that night. I was right.
Instead I learned a new game “settlers of something or other”. It belonged to Jim, who bought it in Germany on his mission so everything was in German, which is why I don’t remember the actual name. It was fun though, especially when they finished telling me the rules- about half way through the game. Jim won but I wasn’t doing so shabby myself. After that game they wanted to play Monopoly but Matt ruined that game for me =) so I choose not to play and instead grab a cat nap. By this time of the night Jennifer, Jim and I were all crashing, while everyone else was going strong. I personally think that when ever Jennifer doesn’t want to do something she fakes “not feeling well”; Jason suspects she can actually give her self a fever. It came in handy that night because we left at 1am (because of the time change) only because Jennifer “kicked it up a notch” on the whiny scale. Jessica and Jim (I think) stayed until the monopoly game was finished.


megan said...

i think dress shirts are fine with jackets but no tie. as long as the don't button the top button. that always reminds me of marcus and your engagement pictures.

Matthew said...

What exactly did you do to constitute "keeping the showers efficient"?

BTW, do you know how to post your pictures, or would you like some tips?