Monday, September 16, 2013

Reaching goals!

When I was a teenager I wrote out a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I died.

Yeah, I know.

We all did that.

On mine I wrote that I wanted to run a 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon.

I didn't run at all back then.  I was homeschooled and wasn't part of any type of sport.  I took Tennis lessons one summer if you want to count that.

When I was approx. 14 my Uncle Brian died. He was the "cool" uncle and did triathlons.  Or at least I remember him doing ONE triathlon.  I have no idea how many he actually did, but it impacted me as a child.

That year I took up running.

By running, I mean I ran/walked around my neighborhood for approximately a mile a couple of times a week.  If I felt really motivated I would do 3 miles.  I did this off and on through high school.

When I was 21 I found that old list and decided to do something about it.

I signed up for a free 5k my employer was putting on.

I have no idea how I did in it, because I all I cared about was "PLEASE DON'T LET ME BE LAST"...I wasn't. There were at least a couple of people behind me.  It was FREEZING. I still have that awful race shirt.  Goldenrod and Lime Green with Purple.

After that first race I did all those other distances I had written down.  I did them with my dad, and my sister(s) over the course of the year.

Then for some reason I just kind of stopped running.  Sure, I would go out and run a couple of miles every now and then, maybe do a race here and there.

Then in 2010 my friend Elizabeth wanted to lose the baby weight she gained being pregnant.  I suggested we register for a marathon to run together. We chose the Salt Lake City Marathon. This little gem was my recap of the race:) I just have to laugh at how relaxed I sound about "only" needing to speed up by 45 seconds a mile to make a 4:00 marathon.  So naive...

But it was at the end of that race that I decided that it was totally reasonable to make qualifying for Boston a goal!

Three years later...I MADE IT!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


1. I made Blackberry and Ginger Glaze for the first time ever and it turned out really well.

2. I found the squirt bottle. I can now squirt Peanut when she makes that awful noise, as if she's being slowly crushed...but she's not.

3. I went to the movies and saw The Help. While it WAS sad I lived. There was also kissing. Boo. I also got compared to a 3 year old:) Something about covering my eyes and plugging my ears.


1. My toe hurts. all the time.

2. It's been warmer than usual out here which makes running harder than usual.

3. I'm beginning to think that I'm jinxed in regards to electronic things. I've somehow changed my lap markers on my Garmin and I have no idea how I did that.

4. I feel super old today because I was out late to see that movie. I could sleep all day I think.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The Blackberries are finally getting ripe, and I'm finally getting a chance to pick them:)

Of course that led to the travesty of that dumb bird spitting bits onto the dress I'm sewing.

I got all but one of the spots out but I think I can finagle a way to hide the offending bit.

Last night I made a Ginger Blackberry glaze that turned out wonderfully and I'm looking forward to trying more recipes.

Monday, August 22, 2011


The other day I googled how to sew French Seams. Which turned out to be super easy!
The only dificult part was that most patterns don't assume you're going to be using french seams and they don't write their instructions for that.

We'll I sewed a new baby blessing dress using the French Seams and it looks great! I still needed to add the sleaves but hadn't decided on what kind of sleaves I wanted on it. I thought I would put lace as cute little cap sleaves but the only fabric store in town (Joanne's) sucks. They had a grand total of 3 kinds of lace that was in an antique white color but really just looked beige.

When I came home from that shopping trip I put the dress on the to Fred's cage.

No, he didn't chew on it. Instead he decided to throw bits of blackberry that didn't meet with his approval.

Now it has little blackberry stains.

I'm mad at him and at myself for even leaving it anyway near him. I'm not sure I can get the spots out and that ruins the entire dress.

Sometimes I hate my pets.

Friday, August 19, 2011

When I was REALLY little, probably 3ish (based on the fact that we were living in Utah in the house that used to be a business) I got into trouble- I don't remember what I did. I DO remember that Mom yelled at me and I got sent to my room. I was crushed and cried myself to sleep.

I was woken up by a monkey telling me it was sorry and kissing my face.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward & Awesome THursday (As stolen from Amy)


1. Running through the airport with a back pack and a carry on only to have the close the doors right in front of you

2. Having to spend the night in the airport.

3. Pouring sweat from sprinting through the airport only to miss my fight anyway...I might be a bit bitter.

4. My in-laws key board. Seriously I keep making mistakes because the keys feel so different.

5. Messaging everyone telling them I had no idea when I was getting in to CLT. It was at midnight the day after left if anyone cares.
6.Not figuring out WHY this post won't publish.

1. Finally getting on the flight from Atlanta! I was SO over this trip!

2. The fact that I am JUST BARELY short enough to sleep on my tray on the airplane. I'd still rather trade a few torso inches for longer legs.

3. Getting to talk to my brother for as long as he could stay awake. We normally talk twice a week but during his summer vacation our schedules just haven't let us.

4. Buying a flat of raspberries from the farmers market.

5. Feeding Jason a Nastertion flower- and watching his face! I actually like them, they taste very similar to a radish...but like a flower.

6. Being fed garden fresh sweat peas from Amy's garden...her garden is so much better than mine. My Papa would cry himself to sleep if he were alive to see my pathetic patch.

7. Getting to play Quibbler at Amy's house! Sure I lost, but I really like that game. At least I wasn't last *cough* Jason *cough*

8. FINALLY updating my blog:)

Friday, July 08, 2011


I'm on my way to NC after spending the week somewhere in upper Michigan for my cousins wedding.

The only thing I hate is that I get really used to everyone being around and then when it's time for them or us to leave it takes me by surprise.


I really enjoyed spending time with everyone and Brian looked really happy to be marrying Katie.

Uncle John looked a little tired after three weddings in the last 18 months :)