Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Isabella and her adoring fans

I believe I might have stepped on some parental toes with my post about getting sick- so here is my clarification/retraction…
Isabella almost defiantly (you like that word usage?) had a cold. She might have also had allergies at the same time- poor baby.
I think it suspicious that Mom, Samantha and I all got sick right after taking care of her. But despite the runny nose, full sinuses, and low fever it was completely worth it! She is cute as a button and can bring all the germs she wants J
I had allergies going up to Boone which actually alleviated while up there- and have reasserted themselves now that I am back in charlotte.
I think Josh and Megan must have special baby immunity (Megan even said she did) since they didn’t get sick.
Jason didn’t get sick either but I think that had more to do with the fact he never got with in five feet of her with out her freaking out.


megan said...

dad didn't et sick either and he spends the most time with her outside of me and josh. so there! she also didn't have severeal of hte symptoms that mom and samantha did.

Terra said...

but you agree that she is cute as a button and worth any germs she brings?!

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is cute as a button, however cute that is! And I did not get sick and mom and Samantha have not gotten me sick either. No self respecting germ would have anything to do with me anyway. Dad

Bonnie said...

Katie got sick too, and actually Isabella spent more time with me that Dad. But who cares? I wouldn't have done anything any differently.

mary ann said...

I want a post about why Jason was freaking out. Please don't leave this one to my imagination.