Friday, May 13, 2005

I'm not Boring!

Apparently the Warner Cable Lady was right – I have no life.
Every two weeks or so a bunch of us get together and have Game Night, which is where we play an extremely lax game of DND and by lax it means that none of us are very good and aren’t really clear on the rules and so we make up our own.
Simon by the way makes up great story arcs- kind of like choose your own adventure and really focuses on the problem solving – quest side of the game rather than the shoot’em up bang’em up part.
Which is good because we suck.
I called one of the girls who plays with us to let her know we were planning a game (we also eat dinner together and get food assignments so it’s important to know who is coming)
Now, this girl is 28ish? Works for her mother at a craft store, hasn’t held an actual career job ever. Lives in SHELBY and has no life- by her own admission.
She told me that she doesn’t’ want to come because all we ever do as a group any more is play this game and that she doesn’t’ want to come and will instead further her quest in searching for a guy at a dance in Greensboro.
Donna called me boring!
I’m not boring! I’m going out with Jason and roommate and her guy to the 2nd chance prom this Sat. ( (very fun by the way, and I’m wearing a red dress- something that was very important to Jason) I’m growing my portfolio! I went and picked strawberries last week ( )! I went skiing for the first time ever last month! I run races! Shellie and I are going to the Hot Air Balloon Rally ( this year!


Bonnie said...

And you didn't invite me? You know I love hot air balloons!

Abby said...

I'm sorry what were you saying? I feel asleep for a minute. He He He :)

Mrs. K said...

The first thing she said when I asked her to the Hot Air Balloon thing was that she was going to invite her mother- because she loves it!

Matthew said...

All these activities have web pages?

Mary Ann said...

Hmmm. A night of DND or the chance of finding true love at last. . . Don't take it too hard.