Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I have often thought I should have been a twin.
Think of the fun I would have had!
That aside think of how useful a twin would be as well.
For example:
There is a bridal shower this weekend that I wouldn't miss for the world (drip, drip)
I was talking to a friend and a thought came to me. "I wonder what Katie would charge as a stand in?"
I don't actually know anyone there except the bride vaguely (she's one of Jason's friends) there will be a ton of people from Jason's high school that he hasn't seen in forever that he is looking forward to catching up with, which = me bored. He doesn't hang out with these people on a regular/semi regular basis and there is no time for me to be anything other than "the fiance".
So my idea is, is that the bride doesn't' really know me and has only seen me a handful of times. Katie and I resemble each other quite a bit (Ok she's a couple of inches taller among other things- details, details) why not switch? She can get some cash and I can go hang out with my friends while kind-of fulfilling social obligations.
win, win.


Jason Heilpern said...

You know if you really are this unhappy about going I can always just go by myself!

Josh said...

you guys ARE aware that other people read your blog, right?

Josh said...

how 'bout the panthers this year, eh?

Matthew said...

You could look at this as an opportunity to find creative ways to amuse yourself. When introduced to someone, you can pop off with such helpful comments as: Oh, I'm so glas to finally meet you! Jason talks about you all the time! He would never admit this, but he had such a crush on you in highschool...

Works equally well with men and women!

Fun, fun, fun

Terra said...

ooh, I like it Matt!

Katie said...

I'm a couple inches taller and a couple cup sizes bigger. Plus, I'm really not very nice to people especially if I don't want to be there. For the right price I'd be willing to strap my boobs down and remain seated for the event. Do I have to dye the back of my hair a weird color so people think I'm you? That would be extra. I'm just kidding I know you're hair is quite normal these days.

Katie said...

On second thought, does that mean I would have to be all over Jason. I mean to make it realistic I guess I'd have to be, but I'm really not even like that with my own boyfriend when I have one so I don't know. The best I can do is poke him in the eye a lot.