Monday, September 19, 2005

The Club : Update

Jason mentioned on his blog a couple of weeks ago that his brother James was starting a club at school called "The Club".
The purpose of this organization was that it has no porpoise - and everyone is a Vise President! and for $10.00 you get a free t-shirt!

He also wanted to out number another school organization called D.E.C.A

Last week though the school decided that "The Club" hadn't fulfilled it's paper work obligations and confiscated all club paper work.

Some random teacher sat her tush on their recruitment table and swept up all the Vise Presidency certificates as well as their receipt book (for $10.00 you get a free t-shirt) and told them they were disbanded.
no that teacher wasn't on any sort of officially sanctioned mission, she just felt that somehow she had the authority to close them down, rather than oh, I don't know... talking to the teacher advisor that was sponsoring them... or even speaking to the founders. Instead she attacked some freshman. and now she refuses to return the receipt book.

One cute little tidbit was that officials sited the lack of a charter as reason for shutting down the club when it seems there are over 40 charters sitting in a pile that haven't been filed yet.
They also still haven't spoken to the teacher who sponsored the club.

I will once again state that the more I hear about public school the less I like it.


Josh said...

freakin' non-comformist high school kids. while this teacher was probably wrong (though, your future brother-in-law being himself a freakin' non-comformist high school kid, you really can't take him at his word with a silly publicity stunt like this), i can identify with her frustration. kids always pushing for more and more freedom.. testing their "consitutional" rights. what a joke. if they have time to have a "the club" club, then they need another class.

but, anyway, shame on that medling teacher (and i'm NOT being ficious here)

Terra said...

James is the classic over achiever middle child.
His current work load is as follows:
Honors Theater (he's directing two plays this semester)
4 AP classes (maybe more?)
Varsity Swimming
head of the Young Republicans
Editor/columnist on the newspaper
Youth Commitee
the de-consolidation movement
He also founded a couple of other clubs that I can't remember right now.
In other words this is just what he likes to do and he does alot of it:) It's not a question of not having enough hobbies.

Josh said...

i didn't say he didn't have enough hobbies. having so many hobbies validates my point that this is just another ploy for attention. a club with no real point? please. that's called a group of friends who hang out.. just without t-shirts.

Jonas said...

I want to put $100.00 down on the table right now that this teacher has no children, is over 35 and a Democrat.

Is there any way to find out?

Shame on this teacher for trying to stiffle a wonderful young mind.

Mary Ann said...


(I'm pretty sure one of misspelling incidents was deliberate, but all the same.)

Now, I'm about as removed from Terra's soon-to-be-inlaws as one can be and still be connected to Terra. But based on what I have seen here I have some observations.

1. While James may have popped right out of the over-achiever-middle-child mold, he seems to be attempting to exert some sort of anti-establishment intent with "The Club". Interesting how the ones who benefit most from establishments are occasionally the ones who attack them.

2. The *real point* of "The Club" seems to be to make fun of other school-sponsored clubs (in particular, the petty agonistics associated with them).