Friday, September 30, 2005

I hate it.
I'm finished. Through. Done.
I'm so upset right now I feel naucious.

luckily for me it shouldn't make a difference because NO ONE is listening to what I'm telling them!
oh, sure they smile, nod, and make all sorts of 'I'm listening to you" faces but in the end they just go ahead with what ever they wanted and act surprised that it now I'm saying I didn't want that.

My caterer emailed me back from last week, probably because I sent her an email stating that I wasn't happy about her not answering my VERY basic questions in a timely manner, such as with in a week.

Apparently she thinks I'm difficult because I don't want some gross mashed potato bar or Quesadea station.
She spoke to Jason quoted a different price than the one of the new proposal she sent me and also added several items that we had never discussed.
Such as Meatballs.
Jason wants the nasty little cat vomit impersonations- desperately.
To him they are as mana is to the gods.
We have argued about them several times because the smell of meatballs makes me want to puke.
She has finally get it in her head after I removed the stuffed pea pods that I apparetnly didn't want to serve them, but has once again switched the artichoke Dip back to spinach dip.
This among other issues has reduced me to eating a coconut cookie for the mere fact that it is sugar.


Matthew said...

stuffed pea pods?

Mrs. K said...

am I the only one who thinks if Jason wants them- that bad- that he is willing to make terra unhappy about it, and they are his only food request at the reception- that he should get them? Compromise. It is a good thing.

Terra said...

ok, I'll hold his meatballs if he holds my barf bag.

yeah, he's getting them.

Josh said...

just put out some freakin' meatballs. they are a staple of light whorederves. and besides, you won't get close enough to smell them.

megan said...

i don't think he should get them. he wont have time to eat any anyway. terra will have to smell them though. if he wants i can make him some and he can eat them while terra gets "ready".

Mary Ann said...

why is ready in quotes?

bohica said...

I can guess Mary Ann that it is because of an earlier time and an oops

Terra said...

heheh, I get it jason (M).

Jonas said...

What about smoked salmon, steamed rice and broccoli?
A nice red wine cheese and crackers would go good with that too.......