Thursday, October 13, 2005

I feel icky

I've been having a hard time with this whole "re-married" thing-
I'm getting panic attacks again, as well as insomnia so in order to deal with it in the most efficient way possible I started a new job, moved, getting married, and am training for a 50 miler in April.

I've been just a joy to be around for everyone in a 50+ mile radius.
Dad told me my "My way or the highway" approach wasn't very helpful. I told him I was just handling it the way he said I should except not the angle he took.
he didn't see the similarity.

Mom was suspiciously quiet. Hmmmmm, what was she thinking?

so basically I'm on edge at all times, miserable, reading into everyone's actions, at the edge of tears basically 24 hours a day trying not to project my last experience onto this experience and Jason.

I'm not very good at it.

I know I'm partially crazy but partially sane- I just done' know what parts are which.


Matthew said...

In three days, I'll be there to solve all your problems =)

bohica said...

you'll make it Terra, it will get better after the wedding.

Shalene said...

I can understand all you anxieties and I admire you for being so open about them. Just the fact that you understand how you are feeling and why is a very good indicator that you will rebound well. Just wanted to say also, that I admire the way you Perkins girls seem to deal with stress and how you set goals and attack them. I love hearing about all your races and stuff.