Wednesday, October 12, 2005

job update

Well, today wasn't nearly so mind numbingly boring as yesterday - and so I have towards my happiness at this job.
I really will gain some valuable experience while here that will help my job prospects in the future.

Jason has his second interview with the Y tonight, he is really hopefull that it will result in a job offer. A previous boss has given him a sterling recomendation, and has been letting him know how the process is moving.

Matt gets here in 5 days!

I still have to clean my apt. I can't have my bestest brother dirty his toes while visiting me can I? On the bright side Stella and Co. aren't comming as well so I dont' have to try and child proof it at the same time.
Isabella LOVES my apt- there are all sorts of goodies waiting to be found with small fingers and sharp eyes.

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Matthew said...

Glad you're settling in, and I can't wait to see you. Don't worry about the apartment, I'm sure we can deal with that later. You have enough to tackle right now with the wedding.

I am curious about this job that Jason is going for with the Y. What's the story on that?