Saturday, November 05, 2005

Career Inventory Test Results

Extroversion |||||| 20%
Emotional Stability ||||||||||||||| 43%
Orderliness |||||||||||||||||| 60%
Altruism ||||||||||||||| 50%
Inquisitiveness |||||||||||||||||| 60%

You are a Planner, possible professions include - management consultant, economist, scientist, computer programmer, environmental planner, new business developer, curriculum designer, administrator, mathematician, psychologist, neurologist, biomedical researcher, strategic planner, civil engineer, intellectual properties attorney, designer, editor/art director, inventor, informational-graphics designer, financial planner, judge.
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Jason says that he thinks I'm muchmore interesting than this profile insinuates and that the listed professions are boring- I could find more interesting things to do than lock myself in an office away from people.
I just looked over it again and noticed it has me ranked at a 40% emotional stability!


Matthew said...

Intellectual properties attorney would probably be boring, but judge, graphics designer and art director seem interesting.

Melissa said...

Isn't financial planner what you are going to school for? That says something.

Josh said...

management consultant? the top pick is not an office job.

katperkins said...

Everyone knows that the real career test is to imagine what you would do if you won a million dollars. Honestly, Terra, haven't you ever seen Office Space?

Terra said...

Funny you should mention that- Jason and I had that conversation as we closed up the other apt.
The big question is- is the million taxed? because if so that throws you in the 50% tax bracket and you know get to allocate 500,000.00- still not bad but not a million!