Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter #4

I hate it.
I move that we all send hate mail to the screen writer.
Obviously they had to cut a lot of stuff out, it's hard to fit a 758pg book into 3 hours. But they completely changed characters!
And I can't stand the new Dumbledor- it's sad to say but in book #6


When Dumbledor dies, I thought to myself "Well I won't be sad to see the new one die." he's just horrible in the movie- running around practicably hysterical.
Dumbledor is supposed to be calm and decisive! It says so IN THE BOOK!
"Did you put your name in the goblet, Harry?" Dumbledor asked CALMLY.
The Screen writer sucks, the director sucks, and the new Dumbledor sucks.
Oh, and we get a repeat performance of Daniel Radcliff fake crying again.
I am warming up to the Neville character though.



Matthew said...

Hmmm, I was rather inclined to go see it until this...

Anonymous said...

Yuo spelled Dumbledore Incorrectly. What kind of fan are you?

Terra said...

one that can't spell obviously :)

Mrs. K said...

I completely agree with you. HP 4 continues in the same "blockbuster movie" fashion. A lot of the pieces are there, and it is really close to being a good movie- but a few crucial elements are missing. The most painful being the new Dumbledore. He lacks the mischevious twinkle in his eye- the calm-"It's all gonna work out and i have faith in you, Harry". In short- the new dumbledore is utterly without magic, and he brings the whole movie down to action adventure- rather than fantasy adventure.

I did like the scene when Voldemort was brought back to life- cool cloak- and I liked Mad-eye-moody. And we were so excited to see the quidditch game- the buildup was fantastic- and the stage set- but them boom- nothing.

It was sad.

Terra said...

what quidditch game? I thought they canceled the season for the tournament. Or do you mean the maze scene?
Out of all the child actors I think Emma has the most talent, closely followed by Rupert.
Daniel? well while he has improved leaps and bounds from teh first movie his line delivery still bites.

Anonymous said...

I think Shellie was referring to the Quidditch World Cup game. They did not show any of the actual match, just them flying in. And I agree with her, I wanted to see more.