Thursday, December 15, 2005


Well, back at Thanksgiving jason and I retrieved my dog Scottie (named ofter Montgomery Scott from Star trek) he is 13 years old and 63 pounds...of cuteness!
he has been an angel since we brought him home. I was a little nervous since he has lived as an outisde dog since we got him way back when and I wasn't sure how he would adapt to being inside all day. I was a bit reassured when on our way home (2.5 hours) he whined and scratched at the door a bit so we pulle dover and walked him around and he did his busieness and got back in the car.

So far no accidents (that noise is me knocking on wood). I took him over to my friend Shellie's house for a visit and he was wonderful, although her dog was SURE he was going to try and steal her chew bone and got a little agressive with him.
he ignored her.

I had been feeling like he needed some toys to play with while we weren't there so I asked the people at Pet Smart for some suggestions for a 13 year old dog who doesn't play fetch (he just stares at you like you were stupid for throwing the toy away). I think they didn't realise that he isn't completely imobile because they were more concerned with a vet check up than a good toy.

I'm telling that while he doesn't jump as well as he once could he is in excellent shape. He doesn't look his age at all- he has clear eyes, and a nice thick coat, although he does need a trip to the pet dentist- his breath could be used as a weapon od war.

The other day while Jason was folding clothes Scottie wandered in the room and went over to sniff at jason's pile of clothes- then he walked over to my pile of clothes and sniffed... and then he climed on top and went to sleep! (and since he live inside now he doesn't stink).

He is a bit clumsy though- the other day he conked his head pretty hard when he tried to walk under the table.


Bonnie said...

I'm so glad he's working out well for you. I was almost afraid to ask. I hope he enjoys all the attention and comforts you can give him in his golden years. BTW how are we going to work out Christmas with him? The house is not big enough for Sophie, Chloe, Scottie and a newborn to live in harmony (Not to mention the ten adults!)I wonder if Scottie would be afraid that you'd changed you mind and brought him back to the Gulag! Would Shellie consider a sleep over?

Mrs. K said...

Shellie would be happy to consider a sleep over- but she'll have to check with her mum-in-law first, She has a doggie too- Max- and he'll be here for the holiday. Max and Scottie would be great pals, but I'm not sure my mum-in-law who live alone could handle having 3 grandkids, 3 dogs, 2 bunnies, a cat, a turtle, and me, all under the same roof without locking herself in her room. Let me know if you need it Terra and I will ask. :)

I'd also like to suggest a Latex Squeaky toy( hard to chew up, comes in really cute shapes and sizes), Scottie might enjoy stepping on it and not breaking it. Or possibly one of those dog toys you can hide a biscut or Peanut butter inside and he has to get it out- hours of entertainment for my dog.

I'm still available to help make a dog bed- anytime after this weekend.

katperkins said...

Another possibility is that Abby and Chloe could stay over at my apartment. I detest Chloe, but would be willing to put up with her for a day or two. I was awfully curious about Scottie's adjustment as well. I think it would be interesting to hear Jason's side of the story. Perhaps he could do a post on his blog.

Melissa said...

"Or possibly one of those dog toys you can hide a biscut or Peanut butter inside and he has to get it out- hours of entertainment for my dog." They are called kongs and are available at any pet store for anywhere from $4-20, depending on how strong and/or big you want it.

May I suggest raw hide for the holidays? Every Christmas we gave our dogs the biggest one we could find. It would keep them busy and out of our way all day! I do suggest the biggest one you can find, or they chew threw it too quickly. Yes, they are messy, but WORTH IT!!

Terra said...

I actually did stop by Pet Smart to ask their advice in the dog toy dept. and I did buy a Konk. At first I put some littl eliver treats in it and he was completely uninterested. SO then I put Peanut butter in it and he licked the peanut butter that was on the lip- and then he was uninteresetd. I bought him some raw hide shewy things to avoid comming home to find him chewing on my shoes but he has been uniterested in chewing on either the raw hide or the shoes. Jason is trying to teach him fetch. Mostly he wants to walk, jog or stare at me. He's seems happy though.

Melissa said...

The raw hide suggestion was more for Bonnie as a way to keep multiple dogs content, out of the way, and away from each other. :)

Jason Heilpern said...

UPDATE: Scottie, while he is still a great dog did have his first accident inside the other night at 3 AM. The reason I know this is I wasnt asleep yet and heard the tinckle sounds. I guess Terra didnt knock on wood hard enough. LOL