Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gambling - Bad

Last night Jason and I had a geek out moment where we discussed in detail Buffy the Vampire Slayer the series.
naturally we got to a point where we disagreed on some inane detail which led to another bet. there any doubt?
Yep I won!

In season 4 episode "Superstar"

Jason said that the Jonathan calendar was Zander's
I said it was Giles's.

He must now be my slave for the day! I don't really remember what I was supposed to do- oh wait,I do!- five dates doing whatever he wanted.
Scroll down to the "Superstar" episode and you will read dialog between Buffy and Giles that supports my side.

THEN, last night after watching "Into the Blue" (It's OK)
we watched some cast commentary where Paul Walker mentions wanting to work with Scott Cann again- and we were trying to think of what movie they had both been in.
I said they had both been in "Varsity Blue" and he disagreed to the point that I won 5 hours of service to whom ever I choose to give it to!
It was awesome! He was so sure Paul Walker wasn't in that movie (I have no idea why since he played a major character).
I was laughing my head off when I showed him the credits on the box- strangely he wasn't interested in my actually showing him a scene with P.W in it.


Jonas said...

Nerd alert!

katperkins said...

Terra, you know I'm all for proving someone else is wrong and then making that person feel like an idiot...but, you are such a dork! I don't think you should actually publicize the fact that you have such an extensive knowledge of that particular television series. I admire your courage and self-confidence.

Matthew said...


...I"ll email you...

Josh said...


so who picked into the blue? if you're a girl, do you really want to see it?