Tuesday, January 24, 2006

game night

Zoo Tycoon is awesomely cool, and even though Jason tells me he finds it boring he still plays it almost daily. But the other day he suggested we do a little competition.

1. Unlimited Money

2. 2 hours

3. Zoo Attendance

4. Zoo rating

5. The Bottom line- how much money we made

Our first issue was we only had one program disc and it won't load unless you have it in the computer (he would be playing on his lap top as I played on my desk top) then we realized that I could load it and then take the disc out with out losing any options! Problem solved.

We did take a potty break for Scottie's sake but other than that played strait through...


Was there any doubt?

I'm actually very pleased with this win because I really wasn't sure I would. Jason's main short coming in this game is running out of money but since we started with so much that wouldn't be a problem. Plus we really aren't sure what effects the rating of the zoo or the attendance. Although since then he has discovered that if you put say a lion in the T. Rex's cage the attendance takes a dramatic leap- in the positive!

Our scores were as follows:

Terra Jason
Zoo Attendance 708 289
Zoo Rating 92 89
Money 2,910 32,312

SO I squashed him on everything except money although if we had stopped a month earlier I would have grossed 45,000 because of a grant I had received and I hadn't just put in a tank for a sperm whale.

we had such fun we are going to try again later (although I will be stipulating he can't feed his animals to the T. Rex)


Jason Heilpern said...

I want a rematch

Mrs. K said...

I want to play!

milton bradley said...

so, do you guys ever just be? or are you always in competition with each other?

Terra said...

Sure we do, but we also like a bit of friendly competition- the winners prize can very =)

Josh said...