Monday, February 20, 2006

How I spent my day...

Started off by talking myself into waking up to go my swimming workout with Shellie-turns out that school is out on Presidents Day, so the munchkins join us...and while i got a decent work out in, Shellie...not so much. Her kids seemed to have a great time with their Mom though, so no time wasted.

From there I got into a bit of trouble with Shellie because it's that time of year when young girls start thinking of PROM.
Her forgien exchange student is going and there is some descussion on what makes an appropriate dress.
Neha says spagettie straps are fine- shellie thinks...not so much. Neha thinks a shawl that she will promtly wad up and stick in her purse or in her dates pocket will be fine- Shellie...not so much.

I unwittingly made a comment the other day that it is impossible to fine a prom dress in the store that doesn't look like an old lady dress. This comment evolved into "Terra says anything with sleaves is ugly and old looking."

Not the support Shellie was looking for. (She states that when my daughter is 16+ she will call up and laugh at my attempts to insure modesty) So we all (Shellie , Neha and I ) piled in the car and headed to the only cloth store in charlotte (it's not really even in charlotte) to look for a patter and fabric so that Shellie could create a fashionable, modest dress for Neha.


we have about 20 bolt of fabric on the table and no decision from Neha on which one she likes because she keeps changing her mind.
And we get chastized by a sales lady for making a mess and an order to "help put some fabric back because we have filled all her table and not even bought anything yet." This was said as Shellie and I were sitting on the floor because we were completely worn out and had decided to stay there until Neha decided something.

She did fail to notice that both of us had a drink in the "no food or drink" area- we showed her!

Neha did finally make a decission and we were finally able to leave- I was so glad I hadn't driven- shellie was so sad she had, because we were both BEAT.
Oh, and Shellie this is what my prom dress looked like-suprised?


Matthew said...

Men are often driven to wild hights of passion by the sight of an uncovered female shoulder....

Mrs. K said...

Neha's family are Hindu, and very conservative. They have entrusted her to my care, and part of that is making sure she gets good grades, does not get the tattoo she is longing for, that she has a good social experience- without too much social experience and doesn't heighten anyone's passion on prom night. I’m fairly liberal considering her families standards, and ask that she maintain the modesty policy we discussed when she first arrived. Nothing too short, nothing sleeveless or strapless, and no bare midriff. That being said I’m willing to do a see-through cap-sleeve- but that’s it.

Terra your prom dress wasn’t so risky- because your shoulders were so white from under-exposure that they blended right in with your sleeves! (Just joshing)

Josh said...

is it any wonder that i joke around all the time even when it's inappropriate? i'm just joshing!

anyway. a mormon trying to corrupt a hindu. what is this world coming to? next, terra will be feeding this poor girl hamburgers. conservative and liberal are such relative terms apparently. i thought mormons were conservative. but i admittedly enjoy chappelle show.

Terra said...

ah, it's too late, shelie already feed her a hamburger (on accident).