Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today's highlight

Terra is calling Harris Teeter to get the address to the Corporate Office to meet someone...
First several automated opptions to get Customer Service on the line...

Terra: I was looking for the physical address to the corporate office.

Customer Service guy: One moment,'s P.O Box...

Terra: no, I need the PHYSICAL address

C.S.G: This is the physical address.

Terra:(whha? no it's not!) I'm looking for directions

C.S.G: Where are you comming from?

Terra: The university area.

C.S.G: Ok you go down HWY51...

Terra: East or West?

C.S.G: Well, you know how Pineville is one end and Matthews is on the other?

Terra: Yes, but is that East or West?

C.S.G: Hm... hold on.

Hold Music.......

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Anonymous said...

Isn't life fun! Dad