Friday, February 03, 2006

Yep, I'm a geek

I have just signed up with so that I can leave comments on Wil's blog.
I'm also glad that he has started posting again. And I really enjoyed reading Dancing Barefoot, and can't wait to start Just a Geek.

And yes, I did have a crush on him when he was on Star Trek.
So, there.


bornagain said...

I think the crush may still be in force.

Jonas said...

I went to Wils I should say many pages since he can't keep one together.

What is the attraction with this guy? I never have understood the awe that people get over celebrities.

Other than being a worthless leach on society, what has this guy done in the past 10 years?

megan said...

you just signed up? i did that right after you showed me the blog so i could leave supporting comments when his cat died.

Terra said...

I didn't because I felt embarassed and like a tag-along- but I have grown as a person and gotten over that.

David M. we like him because he is a nice person- that's what he has done in the alst 10 year.

and he writes funny books.

Josh said...

he's really no funnier than most of my real-life friends. i think that's dave's point.

Jonas said...

More to the point I meant that he brags about gambling, uses profanity about his computer woes. My biggest problem is his communistic politics. Then there are the porn links on his site. Should I go on?

Another childhood star that faded away into obscurity.

With that being said I know nothing about the quality of his books. But I am sure a gambling porn addict writes terriffic books.

Jeez I sound like a cranky old man.....