Friday, March 31, 2006

I won!

I won Rock, Paper , Sissors last night!
I even won when it really counted and not some silly thing.

We were already in bed and Scottie was walking around restless, every so often he would come over put his head on the bed and make moves of trying to get up on the bed.
Where he is SO not allowed.
I figured this was a variation on his pee pee dance, so Jason and I sat there hopping he woudl just go to sleep.
No luck.
In our house when there is an unwanted job (such as getting up and taking the dog out after getting into bed) we do Rock, Paper, Sissors. Jason likes this method because he ussually wins reprise from the job in question.

First round...
We both pull Paper...

Second round...
We both Rock...

Third round...
I pull Sissors and he pulls Rock!

I win , I win, I win!!!

I never win Rock, Paper, Sissors!

(In Jason's rules the person with the stronger item "loses" and has to do the job in question.)


Anonymous said...

That is a strange variation. Is there some deep rooted psychological twist that I should
be concerned about in my son-in-law?

katperkins said...

Um, I think that means you've won every other time to a normal person.