Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm the brightest one in the box

Jason and I have been house/pet sitting for the Heilperns while they enjoy Spring Break in Utah skiing.
As I mentioned in an earlier post they wanted to have me board Scottie so that I could watch their animals with out him.

Ummm, no.

So here we are with Scottie, who is being very good except that he doesn't like Murphy but has now decided to ignore him, so the problem is solved "Perkins Style".

One of the reasons Sis. Heilpern didn't want Scottie was Eustace, her high strung cat who hates everyone but her. Thank goodness he is de-clawed or we would all have been shredded by now. He greets pets from anyone but her with hisses and growls and swipes of his paws.
You would think he would be a bit more grateful considering he was taken in after he moved in under their house- crying loudly each time someone went through the front door, as if he was injured and dying. He was already micro-chipped, neutered and de-clawed when she had James and I dig him out from under the house but the address on the micro-chip was to a office building.

Anyway, back to Kansas...

She was worried that the stress of having his world tipped in such a drastic way as to have another dog around would lead him to express his unhappiness in closets and other locations. I had, had to clean up some such messes but didn't think anything of it until last night when I started actively looking for the litter box.
I know they have one and I knew it wasn't where is usually is but since that is the guest bedroom bathroom I thought they moved it knowing we were going to be staying over.
They have a big house... I thought I just hadn't found it yet. Turns out that James had been given the job of emptying the cat sand before the big trip. And he had. He just hadn't taken that extra step of putting new sand in the litter box and putting it back in the bathroom. It was still leaning against the house where he had left it to dry after spraying it out.


Scottie update: He just decided that he wants to go to bed and tried to squash himself into a file box half his size. =) I got him some blankets to sleep on and he is now happy.

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