Thursday, March 02, 2006

The lesson of the day

The lesson of the day (Yesterday)

When your inner voice tells you to throw the safety lock (it makes it so even if the person has a key they can't get in unless you let them)...throw it.

I was working on a suprise for Jason last night and thought "what if he comes home early and catches me? Maybe I should throw the safety lock."
"Nah, I don't need to do that, he isnt' due for another hour an a half."

Shortly after this conversation with myself Jason can home an hour and a half early due to one of his horrendous headaches and opened the door. I flung myself towards the door, stepping on Scottie in the process and slammed the door in Jaosn's face while shouting "You can't come in yet!" "Give me two minutes"!

I flew around the room dispursing my suprise and making sure there was no trace left before I let him in- which resulted in letting Scottie escape from the apt and into the parking lot.
Luckly he is old and easily caught these days. I basically walked up to him and grabbed his collar.

Oh, and I bought a video camera off ebay for $40 including shipping so I'm pretty happy about that. I also won't be mad when someone breaks it (which will happen because the Heileprns - well Sis. Heilpern anyway- wants a video camera while Bro. Heilpern does not, which will result in many borrows. I witnessed Jennifer dropping the last camera they borrowed from me on the tile floor, so cheap is good since I can't think of a way to deny them permission with out making a big deal of the fact I totally expect them to break it sooner or later.)


Matthew said...

Sounds like some excellent lessons. I wonder if slammed doors cure headaches?

Josh said...

reminds me of a story from middle school. i was at friend a's house waiting for friend b to arrive. we were setting up the video camera on a tripod to capture the hillarity we were planning. we were going to spray friend b with silly string when he opened the door. sure enough, when friend b got there, he walked right in while we were setting up. friend a shouted "not yet!" and slammed the door in his face. friend a's dad jumped up and shouted several curse words. funny stuff.