Monday, April 03, 2006

Fred can DIE!
I hate that bird and want nothing to do with him ever again.

I felt sorry for the blasted animal today and decide to take him out of his cage so that he didn't have to stay cooped up- he tried to bite me- I covered my hand and he did a nice "step up". No problem.

I took him into the bedroom so I could do some computer work and set him on top of the printer where he slid off on fell on some blankets. I tried to pick him up so Scottie wouldn't get to curious about the new flappy "toy"- he tried to bite me- I covered my hand and picked him up. This time I set him just behind my key board where he was nice and stable.

Perfect set up you'd think.

Instead he LUNGED off the object a distance three times his length and attacked my hand so viciously that he drew blood.

Right then I wouldn't have stopped Scottie if he had tried to eat him. Right then I would have happily squashed him and came extremely close to doing so. The only thing that stopped me was the memory of holding a baby rabbit as it died as well as a cat that Becca hit with her car- it has given me an adversion to killing animals.

From now on Jason can clean the beasts cage and give him fresh water after he dumps his food in it to create a green sludge. Jason can also feel the little beast since each time I try to give him treats he tries to take the tip of one of my fingers.

Oh, Jason will say "make a fist, then he won't have anything to bite" but I won't listen because I know he will find something to bite even if it kills him.

Just for those who are curious, at this moment Fred is sitting in his cage making this posessed sounding hissing noise.

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Terra, you have such a way with men! Dad