Monday, May 22, 2006

After a round trip of 26.5 hours only 4 of which I actually drove and that was to Megan's house and then back to my own I have returned from Nevin's wedding.

1. Isabella travels REALLY well.
2. I do not.
3. Megan is awsome at driving for incredibly long distances.
4. I am not.
5. Nevin is so sweet with Jenny (his now wife).
6. Catholic weddings are kind of weird.
7. Three inches of ribbon do not make sleaves.
8. Going to a wedding without your spouse when there is dancing and only one male cousin who isn't married and who actually had a date anyway, isn't as much fun as you might think.
9. It's hard to let go and let someone else be in charge of photography.
10. It was nice to just be a guest and not be incharge of photographing the ceremony- after...I wanted to do it my way.
11. I finally have all the lirics of the Belly Button song- on tape no less!
12. Megan and Nevin still have that thing of theirs.
13. I am still a push over =)
14. I found out that I only got part of the DVD shipment last time and Megan loves me enough to give me her copies and get the others from Dad.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments and views. OMWBF

Matthew said...

I'm also quite bad at long distance driving.

Perhaps Isabella can teach Stella something about the subject...