Saturday, May 13, 2006

Some pics from Jason's birthday

For Jason's birthday I spent HOURS AND HOURS scrapbooking his mission pictures as a suprise for him. His mother promised him before he left that she would do it but, she never did. I hate scrapbooking and inlisted a couple of my friends to act as Project Supervisors (because I not only hate scrapbooking I suck at scrapbooking). He actually found the book before his birthday but wisely didn't mention it and acted surpised at the appropriate moment- so it was all good.

He has also wanted a fish tank- well I didn't really want to clean up after one and kind of view fish as decorations- not actual pets, so I got him a fish bowl and if he's good we will upgrade to a tank at a later date.

He was suprised about the fish.

We have named then Thing One and Thing Two.


Matthew said...

Looks like you folks now have a complete pet foodchain. Fish for the cat, etc. etc.

Of course, I am very pro-aquarium. Always been fond of fish.

Anonymous said...

Spock should be very happy. OMWBF

Jason Heilpern said...

On a side note I recived some very nice gifts from Terra's side of the family. Matt got me a book I have wanted for some time filled with Mark Twain Quotes and a video gam,e I have been lusting after for a very long time. Knights of the Old Republic. Both Very nice gifts, Thank You to Matt and you're family.

My In-Laws got me wonderful gift card to Borders Books wich I used to purchase The Meditations of Marcus Arelius, and the Knight in History. Thank You very much. It made my day.

Matt I keep nagging Terra for you're email. Could you shoot me a quick note so I have it.

Terra said...

Jason you have his email- he sent you the funny signs you aske dfor twice (and never posted).

Bonnie said...

You're welcome. Glad it got there for your belated birthday party!