Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Phone Twig

Nana went to the hospital last weekend which caused my Aunt Barbara to call me and get my answering service, so she called Katie who called me back and let me know what was going on. She also called Megan and probably some other siblings.

I then called my cousin Tracy because she is Aunt Barbara's daughter and knows things- where I got all the information in a speedy 45 minute phone call.

Later I called Megan to see if she had any more news and was told that Mom had instgated a phone tree and that I would be getting my news updates from Abby.
But she told me all the new, news anyway.

The next day I still hadn't heard from my branch of the phoen tree so I called Mom who is the "root" of said tree. I told her, her phone tree was broken and I wanted some updates so I called her. SHe got a bit deffensive and explained that this was to keep all of us from bugging Aunt Barbara all day with news requests.
OK- but I wasn't calling Aunt Barbara, I was calling Megan and Tracy (two people who ussually know things, Megan also ussually has the hotel key). SO after listening ot her reasons a repeated a couple of times she told me the new, news.
The tree went like this:

Does anyone else see the problem here!
That's right I'm last!
Not,OK! Oh, sure you might point out that someone has to be last and will will ignore you!

Today Megan called me to ask if I had Matt's blog address, so that she could give it to Uncle Tami (Aunt Barbara's husband)- so instead I just called him and gave it to him as well as emailed it because it's kind of a weird address. Megan also told me that the Phone Tree was more like a twig because when she called Becca, Becca would ask her to call Abby for her, and then Abby would ask her to call ME for her. I think it's easier when we just split the list up between two people and each call certain people.
At least then you know what's going on.

Nana's doing much better, by the way.


Melissa said...

I read this bumper sticker today and instantly thought of you.

"Your ridiculous little opinion has been noted"

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, but I'm happy to hear she is doing better.

I think Megan should call you and Becca. Then you could call Abby and Katie. More of a phone bush than a tree, and no one person is at the "end". :)

katperkins said...

The reason you were last is because you suck at answering your messages and calling people back. Maybe you should work on that and you'd move your way up.

Bonnie said...

It certainly has been enlightening and disappointing to see how difficult it is for our family to work together cooperativelly when there is a crisis. More thought went into the order of the tree/twig than you realize, but clearly, it is not a format that will work for us. I ended up making most of the calls myself. So, feel free to get your information any way that works for you.

Matthew said...

I notice that no one is ever calling me...

Bonnie said...

I also called Dad, who is at your house. Unfortunately, I could only leave a message on your machine which is not very reliable. Anyway, Nana continues to improve. I think the next time there is something like this someone should just make daily posts on the Perkins site and people will be responsible for checking it themselves.

Melissa said...

Oooh, sorry Terra, but I have to agree with Katie on answering your messages and calling people back. (It is does make me feel better to know that it isn't just me! ;)

Although, I'm pretty sure that's not the only reason you were at the end. I recall stories of your siblings who are at least as bad about it as you are. Maybe it is a family thing! ;)

I like your mom's idea. Your family's personal version of CNN!