Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My New Hobby

Jason's old friend Markham showed up last week as a suprise- he's been on a cross country road trip and called up the Heilperns to ask directions to their new house.

Anyway, while markham was visiting he asked me what I did as a hobby in my spare time. I told him I run road races with my father and sister as well as archive old photos- I know realise I should have said: " I spend hours late at night messing with my blog template".
The last template was a bit girly for my tasts, plus it kept acting up regarding the alignment- so I've been looking for a new template that was more "me". I couldn't find it- mostly beacuse I've been looking for a Pinky and the Brain template with out luch- oh, I've found tons of other templates just none that I liked.
Mty HTML reading skills are only slightly better than my frech reading skill which are practically non-exsistant. It's more of "oh, I recognise that word!"


Matthew said...

I like the new template. If you're interested, I can help you with changes in the future.

Dad said...

Yes, the other site was not you, definitely too sissy. I like the slide show each time I check the site.