Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I hate Harry Potter.

I saw a couple of promo photographs for the new Harry Potter movie and have decided that a hit should be taken out on the casting directors because they clearly need to be taken out of the way.

Can they get nothing right! First they replace Dumbledore with that hack who ruined the 4th movie and now they have casted THIS woman as Dolores Umbridge and based purely on her photograph I have decided that she is completley unsuited to the part.

On the upside it appears that Harry has discovered sissors again, and we can only hope that Ron will as well.


megan said...

yeah, i read an article on it yesterday. apparently they thought it made harry look older and more handsome with short hair. which it does. i also thougth they would have that actress gain a little more weight. she is supposed to be frog like. word is though that emma doesn't want to sign for the next two movies.

Matthew said...

Hmm, she clearly does not look toad-like.

Terra said...

I would be suprised if they didn't get her to sign for the last two- money is a strong motivator and at this point-well, I was going to say that they couldn't replace her at this piont but they would probably would with someone that looks completely different and who wants to play the character completely differently.