Thursday, September 07, 2006

I took Scottie to PetSmart today to get his nails clipped (he's been slipping on the linolium floor) and while I was their they upsold me to include and ear check along with a breath spray that I MUST have!

Well while they were fixing Kiki up I walked down to Target to get an Ink cartridge- in the meanwhile they finished and couldn't find me so they called the number on Scottie's tag...which happens to be the Cabin's number. Mom answered and when they asked if she knew anything about a dog named Scottie she said "No!" and hung up on them...then she called them back and said she might know something about him and gave them my cell number which did them no good since apparently I get no service while at that shopping center (I know this because I was trying to call Megan while I was there.)

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