Monday, September 11, 2006

so disapointing

One of the things I remember the most happily about sunday afternoons was when Mom would read the Dave Barry coloumn out loud.


She would be reading and laughing so hard that she could barely speak. myself and several other siblings would be in similar states of histarics and Dad would be sitting on the couch looking at us like we had lost our minds.

THis was all going through my thoughs when I saw that Dave Barry has a new movie out called "Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys" so I rented it invisioning the same experience.


I chuckled once.
Maybe I'm just a harder sell then I was at 14 but I didn't think it was very funny the way the shot the film. Kind of like a documentary but not as interesting and with worse acting.

Now, you should rent his first movie "Big Trouble" it's funny! I particularly like the hit men, the daughter and the son.

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Dad said...

Who is Dave Barry?