Monday, November 27, 2006


I have been thinking about what I should post, since i haven't posted in while.
I still have no idea.
Aren't you lucky?

I gave Scottie a bath today and it was just about as exciting as you might think. It is pretty nice that now that he is old he can't jump out of the tub as easily which makes the whole procedure much easier for me. He age has not changed the amount of hair he sheds while being bathed.
Absolutely disgusting.
I wanted Jason to video tape me doing it so that Stella could watch but he wiggled out of it. Tonight we will be seeing Casino Royal the new "Bond" movie. I was hopping that Jason could go with one of his friends but they all seem to have seen it already and none of them want to go again (which doesn't speek well of the movie in my opnion.)

Thanksgiving was nice. We went to Mom and Dads the night before so that we could be there in time for Adrians 1st Birthday. He is a really cute baby =) Katlyne was there on her holiday visit with her Dad. She is a really nice little girl. I feel bad though because everyone wants their picture with Adrian but no one really asks her for her picture. Becca is still not happy with me and acts all wierd around Katlyne. Abby and Tad came up along with some of her friends and we had a great time with them. Tad is HILARIOUS! He has a really dry sense of humor. the "he went to the garden of love" kind. He also played the dulcimer for awhile and did pretty well too. Abby played the piano along with him.
The next morning Jason's family still hadnt' let us know what the days plan was and didn't call us until 1:30pm so instead of going tree cutting we went to Cone Manor with Mom and walked around the grounds, where Jason confused a Palamino horse with a Bay. I did get a bit of video of the horses for the Nieces before my battery died. After our day hike I thought we should meet up with Jason's family for the dinner/shopping portion of the evening which was absolutly horrid.
We went to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner and it was PACKED! and LOUD. I had made sure I ate soemthing before we left so that I wouldn't have the Perkins Hunger Monster come out but I've decied that I need to buy some ear plugs for such events. The restraunt was packed and everyone was talking and wanted to be involved with the conversations at the other end of the table so I heard a lot of "what!? what did she/he say?" or "what about...?" I found that if I plugged my ears it lowered the volume to an exceptable level to deal with- until the live performer set up and decided to compete with everyones conversations.
Hell would have been quieter.
It took us three hours to eat dinner.
2.5 of which was spent waiting for drinks/ appitizer and dinner. Once we were finished with that we discuvered that hte shops were closed and I decided that I didn'tw ant to listen to Sis. Heilpern continually ask me "where is Jay?". I don't know. "what? Where is Jay?" Jason and I bought some fudge and went home.
The fudge was great.


Bonnie said...

Wow, you didn't fill me in on the details of your dinner at Mellow Mushroom. It sounds like a replay of the last time Dad, Samantha and I ate there about a year and a half ago. We decided it would be our last time. We waited for EVER for the service because apparently they didn't have enough staff and then just after we gave our order the musician guy came in and set up his gear right next to us. We insisted on sitting outside on the balcony but it was only barely tolerable. I think I remember that we didn't ever get our drinks but we were so starved we just ate quickly and vowed not to go back unless they looked empty.
BTW I took Katelyn on a walk around the loop to look at the waterfalls while our turky roasted. Half way around she wanted to know how many miles we had gone and how long we had been walking! I helped her climb up to one of the falls so she could put her fingers in. The next time we stopped, I looked away and she stepped in the water and it covered her shoe. She kept trying to convince me it was dry and asked if I was going to tell Becca. I told her it was her business but if Rebecca asked me I would have to be truthful. She did ask me what happened and I tried to take the blame but I don't think it helped much since that was the only pair of shoes they had brought. Oh well, I think it was still worth it to her.

Terra said...

Adults always put to much importance on dry shoes =)

Matthew said...

No kidding. Am I to understand Rebecca was critical of this? I can hardly imagine being upset with Stella over a wet shoe.

Dad said...

Your postings will never be boring since you have a picture slide show going on at the same time. Pictures always make the blog site worthwhile.

Josh said...

i have one idea of what "the garden of love" might be, but i was hoping you could clarify

Terra said...

It's a joke between Matt and I- a couple of years ago we were at Barns and Nobles and I read that phrase.