Friday, November 10, 2006

a photo moment or two

On our 1st anniversary Jason made reservations for us at Te Melting Pot which I ruined because I was late getting back from a wedding I was photographing and the hostess lady wouldn't adjust the time so then he called back and requested the time she said he couldn't move too and she gave it to him.

So I had a lovely meal with him eating all my favorite foods and finishing off with a chocolate fondue that was heaven.

Here is a picture we made a waitstaff take.

Here is one I took.

It took us a week to not only remember to thaw out our cake topper but to eat a piece as well. Lets just say that while it was the yummiest cake on my wedding day it was not on our anniversary (sorry Shellie). But here is a picture of us cutting it.

and one of us feeding each other a piece.


Jason Heilpern said...

Yeah it was really bad. I could hardley finish my bite.

Dad said...

It does make a cute picture though.

Melissa said...

Why did you change clothes?

That's a shame about your cake.

Jonas said...

I never understood the whole "save the cake" thing.

megan said...

our cake was really yummy at the year mark. the frosting on the other hand was pretty gross

Dad said...

I always enjoy reading your site as you have the photo slide show and usually pictures in your posting. I wonder why I enjoy pictures more than text?