Monday, January 08, 2007

Just simple math baby!

I figured I needed to update my blog and even though i have done several things I can't seem to write about them. So instead I thought I'd tell a little story.
Be quiet Matt.

The other day I was in Boone and Katie and I were trying to get Isabella to eat her lunch which consisted of a cheese stick and a hot dog.
She didnt' want the hot dog- she just wanted to eat the cheese, so Katie and I told her that she had to eat two more bites of her hot dog and then she could have the other half of her cheese stick.
That's when it happend...
She held up three fingures and said - I'm going to eat this many.
She carefully put one finger down and said I ate this many and this is how many I need to eat.

Yep. no joke.


megan said...

that's my girl.

Dad said...

Great story, nice look to new site, no pictures, bad choice. I always make sure to visit your site because you have such a nice slide show. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words or so and bring happiness to old men's hearts.

katperkins said...

Um, that wasn't me.