Thursday, February 22, 2007

I was very proud of myself last night.
Over Christmas I bought a new video camera so that I cold make DVD's to send to Matthew- within two months the firewire cord had disapeard so I went to Best Buy and bought a new one along with a FireWire port. I figured I'd take a look and try and install it myself since I hate paying someone to plug something in for me.

It was two days before I managed to misplace the new FireWire port. I think I might have left it in Boone but it might be in my car...somewhere.
So back to Best Buy...I couldn't find any ports on the shelf so I went lookin gfor a "Helpful Employee"-Yeah, good luck with that.
I stood in line in the computer deprtment so I could ask the guy behind the register and as I stepped up to ask my question he started to turn around and walk away.
So I loudly greated him with "Hi!" and he reluctantly turned around - I asked my question as he started talking to another employee and got out his phone to do something with it. Then he looked up and said "what was it you wanted again?"
I repeated myself- I hate repeating myself.
Best Buy was completely out of FireWire ports or this guy just didn't want to go look.
So I started think of what eother stores in Charlotte would have FireWire ports and decided to check Radio Shack- Bingo!
And the employee was nice and helpful.
So I go home and open up my computer -everything looks fairly strait forward- looks like a plug and go.
The thing is, is that the internal fan was in the way and I ended up removing it from the casing a little more enthusiasticly than I had planned and managed to unplug the fan.
No Problem, right?
Uh yeah.
SO I couldn't find where the jack to the fan was in the mess of insde my computer and I have already packed the user manual.
I called Megan and talked to her for a while and she askes Josh what he thinks.
He thinks there might be another cord to plug in or that I plugged it in the wrong jack.
yeah it still won't work and I can't see another jack.
I call Matt the next morning and he says the same thing as Josh and suggests I bite the bullet and get the user manual out.
But there was no need to try and figure which of the "Livingroom" boxes held my manual because I managed to find the new jack - but to plug it back in I had to take out the FireWIre port as well as the phone port card - plug the fan in and then re-install both cards.
But my computer works and I didn't have to take it and pay someone to plud the stupid fan in.
Yay me!


Matthew said...

So, Josh and I both agreed on something and were right? =)

The apocalypse will begin at the sound of the tone.

Which is also when you turn the page.

Terra said...