Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Anyone have Mule Skinners number?
I think I want to take out a hit on some people- or a certain organization that has irked me. (ie- I didn't get my way)

Jason just told me the plan for the weekend- which I think he's told me before but hadn't sunk in, in regards to our current situation with him working out of town all week.

He drives in Friday strait (he will probably get new clothes) and then head out for the annual business meeting which is a weekend getaway for the boys at the local boy scout camp- FRIDAY-SUNDAY.

So I've thought about it and decided that instead of doing something rediculous like change my attitude I should just arrange to take them all out of the picture- which is too bad since some of them aren't bad guys.
I guess they'll just have to "take one for the team".


talktolebanon said...

Last known number, 435-513-0304. He can also be contacted by email, Do not forget that you have connections with the mafia from your South Carolina relatives.

Melissa said...

I just want to make sure I understand this correctly.

You're husband started his new job in VA 3 weeks ago. This will be the 4th weekend he has returned to Charlotte and the 2nd where he will spend the most of the weekend with his friends and hardly any of it with you.

Do I have this correct?