Friday, May 25, 2007

And on with the show...

After I came back from Wilmington I went to court to deal with the citation. I got a little nervous when the baliff had the peopel with "minor" violations such as no registration and the like make a seperate line outside but still had me go into the court room. I fully expected to have to pay the ticket and wasn't so happy about any points that woudl go on my licence but...what do you do when you have already done it?
So I wait around for my name to be called and when it is I walk up to the D.A and he says "so, you ran a stop sign."

Me: "yes"
D.A " You didn't even so down! it's says going 35mph". " You want to tell me about it?"
Me: " Do you really want to know or are you just makeing small talk?"
D.A: " SUre, go ahead and tell me"
Me: " I got into an arguement with my husband and was trying to go home and was crying and wasn't paying attention- I kind of yelded though" (it really should be a yeld sign instead).
D.A: "Well you didn't try and tell me you didn't do it like everyone else does so I'm just going to dismiss this."
Me: (kind of stund) " I really appreciate that."

and then I left.
AFter that I had an appointment for a wedding contract and then I loiterd around the Heilperns for another day until it was time to go to James endowment session on Saturday. I tried to get them to do a video recording of a before an after over all impressions but they suck and seem to think that "over all" means "please spill all your most precious private memories to me" so I don't have anything.
On the one had Sis. Heilpern keeps every program and snot rag that her children used but on the other hand all those programs are just floating around in the house waiting to get peed on my her deranged cat.
They have no concept on archiving.

Other than realizing that Jason's cars air conditioning wasn't working and that he didn't have directions and didn't want to follow mine (as the were) it was uneventful down. We had about 45 minutes before the session to get dressed and in there which we did with out problem.
Jason had not listened to me about getting his ducks in order and getting his temple recomend taken care of before hand so he waited outside with Jennifer and BJ's (James best friend who is going to South Korea) younger siblings. One other person wasn't able to do the temple recomend two step and get their signatures in less than 24 hours so I wasn't the only one with out a spouse in the group.
From there Carla (Bj's mother) and I exchanged cameras and took family photos for eachother. It was really hot and humid and the Heilperns have attention issues but I got all the ones we needed (later I realised I didn't get one with James by my self, but at least I am in the family one.)

Then we completed tradition and loiterd around the book store for a while, where I bought myself an ice cream treat- then we went to eat.
And then it rained and got really uncomfortable in Jasons car.

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