Sunday, May 20, 2007

My travel log...

I drove to Charlotte on May the 4th because I had a wedding booked and Jason's birthday was the 5th so we could celebrate with his family.
(I don't have the photos from the birthday right now)
Jessica and I made him a yellow cake with chocolate frosting with a ninja turtle (whichever one has the orange mask).
Then I wandered around until Tuesday morning when I drove to wilmington and hung out with Abby for a few hours before her pinning ceremony...
Then we headed back to the hotel and watched Adrian play with Nana's weelie walker and have his own little conversation with her.
The next day we found out that Dad's car had to have something replaced with the gears and he had to get a rental - I offered to let them use my car and I would drive the rental to Charlotte (where I was due for a traffic violation) and then back to Wilmington and pick up Dad's car then drive up to Boone and give Dad his car back and then drive back to charlotte where I had an appointment. Unfourtunatly I had forgotten my purse which included my license- annnd the renter place didn't take the fax that I convinced the Heilperns to send. We (Abby, Becca, Nana and I) all brained stormed on how Dad wouldn't have to drive the Boone (meeting) then turn around and drive to Wilmington and then back to Boone but Dad was tired of the change and just wanted to get going.
On a side note Nana can really move with her walker thingie and it's hard to leave her out of conversations (more so than before) there is also something alarming about seeing her rolling toward you.
From there Becca, Abby and I played with Adrian since he is cute as a button and everyone is helpless to resist.
Then I drove back to Charlotte for another several more days of getting closer and closer to smacking Jennifer until she gets the cucumber out of her butt and relised that she is younger than everyone else and shouldn't tell her parents to "shut up".
I am now listening to the parents try and tell me that ignoring her and letting her stomp off and throw the wrapping paper roll is a good parenting tactic. and that MY parents doubtless did the same thing.
Yes...please try and not roll on the floor laughing.
I am sure they will be suprised when Jason and I tell them we are not visiting again for a good long while.

So from there we drove to Columbia for James's endowments and where we discovered that Jason's car's airconditioning wasn't working.

The next day was Jessica's birthday and from there we left with Janes and BJ to Washington DC for two days.

at the Air and Space Museum.

At the Natural History Museum.

I just thought this sign was funny.

and one more spot of cuteness...

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