Wednesday, May 02, 2007

so We loaded on the charter bus at 8am the next day to head to NYC (I am so glad I wasn't driving).
We picked up our tour guide- who was good at his job but I still wouldn't ever sign up for a tour again. I just don't like being rushed to as many sites as possible while hearing about who lives where while riding on a bus.
He took us for a speed walk into Central Park where we were kept from taking pictures at some fountain because they were filming an episode of Law and Order. Sorry Megan I didn't see any of the stars on set. But I got this ugly photo of me:

From there we went to Battery Park where we didn't have time to take the Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty but we did get to walk around a bit and it's where I took this photo:

and where I got Jessica to take this photo:

Then we were speed walked back to the bus where we drove to Times square and were given an hour to eat lunch. Since I was an adult I was given charge of three kids to keep track of and they chose to eat at...McDonalds- oh well it WAS really codl and windy. From there they wanted to stay in the M&M store so they wouldn't have to go outside.
Yep, I got some wild ones alright.

Fromt here we went to China Town where we got stuck in traffic and where Jessica and Jim saw the little brother of Jims best friend walking down the street. We took a picture so that they could email it to him later.
We finally got to Little Italy so we would know where to go for dinner and then had 45 mintes to shop.
All the girls wanted a genuine fake Gucci or Chanel bag and it seems that the entire economy is based on knock off hand bags. Luck was with me though, and my girls didnt' want to shop for hand bags they wanted hoodies but at least I wasn't looking at the same thing over and over again- oh wait..I was.
We ate in Little Italy where we discovered that one of the chaparoned groups had not made the rondevous and was lost. From there we went to our first Broadway Play Beauty and the Beast which had the red head from "That's So Raven" playing Bell- she's good.


talktolebanon said...

It sounds like fun. Have you signed up to go again next year?

Terra said...

I dont' know if they plan another trip to NYC next year or not- Plus I think other than the fact that I got to go for free due to the late cancelation that I would enjoy hoofing it in a less organized group more.

Josh said...

ah the joys of chorus trip tourism. we would charge the parents full price, but directors and families went free. i would expect to go free if i didn't have a kid in the group. some parents make it their annual family vacation. they pay $600+ per family member. it's like they don't realize they could do it for much cheaper on their own.. and much more relaxed and comfortable. but i envy you getting to go to nyc. i've been looking for an excuse to go...

Josh said...

oh.. did you stay anywhere fun? or were you relegated to the jersey shore? i know most agents i spoke to work with nj hotels.

Terra said...

We stayed in a holiday inn the first and thrid nights but we stayed in a sheraton at times square the second night.

Matthew said...

Terra, you are a very amusing travel writer. I hope we get the chance to play in NY together some time soon.