Monday, May 28, 2007

To start off I should admit that Jason was right and our air conditioning is broken- although it was working earlier.
HTis morning I went searching for a road race in order to build a portfolio for sport photography- I got directions- found the road but there was no race and no random runners so I headed home.
After arrivign Jason told me he thought Scottie was sick and that there might have been some blood in his stool.
Scottie acted like he still had to "go" so I took him out side where he demonstraed what "some" blood looked like.

It looks like a lot of blood for those who were curious. The whole mess was red.
So I freaked out and found a plastic baggie to collect a sample in and drove scottie to the vet- who is closed because it's a holiday.
SO I called the number on the sign "in case of emergency" and spent three hours in the waiting room for them to tell me that they dont' know why he is pooping blood but that his test was negative and "here, give him these antibiotics."

I got home and gave scottie some water which he promptly threw back up which is when I discovered that my entire kitchen floor is under water. That's right the water heater threw up as well. (UPDATE: it wasn't the water heater that threw was the wasing machine. Jaosn ran a load after cleaning up Scottie's mess and someting went wrong.) 2nd UPDATE: It's not the washing machine either- they dont' really know what happened but the whole line is stopped up and they had to call a plumber to "snake" the pipe. The plumber couldn't find the line out of the apt where the stopage was so he had to take out toilet out and go through that line and then put the toilet back.) and is currently soaking my carpet while I wait for the emergency maintenance people to return my message.


Matthew said...

Too bad you are having such a challenging day. Good foresight on collecting the sample though.

talktolebanon said...

Australia is nice this time of year.