Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Travelog "Take Two"

Since I got a bit distracted the last time I tried this post I thought I would give it another shot.

Jaosn's birthday...
He is now the grand old age of 26...which doesn't seem as old as it used to =)
We didn't actually celebrate his birthday on the 5th because I was working a wedding and his sister was chaparoning her schools prom.
But here are a few photos of the birthday boy and the cake I mentioned earlier.

Jason really liked the Ninja Turtles as a kid so we thought we would dress up the cake a little this year.

What I don't have photos of to show you is the birthday dinner Jason requested which was Fondue.
For 11 people.
I did two pots of cheese and two pots of broth so everyone could reach what they wanted- the broth turned out really good and the cheese tasted good but had a wierd texture. I would want to figure out what I did except I will never make Fondue for 11 again.
All that happened on Sunday- Tuesday morning I set off for Abby's graduation and managed to get there with out getting a ticket (it just seems whenever I go to see her I get a ticket). I even found her apt with out having to call her and have her come get me which is a first- unfourtunatly she has moved so it does me no good now.
Dad and Nana turned up about an hour after I did so we went over and hung out while we waited for Becca and Adrian. Then we booked it for the graduation where I got the run down on what was happening during the ceremony. The only stress was Becca, Dad and Nana were behind us and were late so as the ceremony started Abby didn't know if they were going to be there in time for Dad to pin her. I told her that if it came down to it I would just thrust my camera at someone and do it myself. But all the worry came to nothing since Dad came just after the opening.

Afterward we went out to eat where Adrian desided he was tired but not tired enough to stay asleep and would rather fuss or run around outside.
The next day we found out that Dads car needed parts that the Subaru dealership didn't have (which I've never understood- they are a DEALERSHIP). This is where I realized I didn't have my purse (although I did have my debit card for gas) and couldn't be signed on as a driver so Dad didn't have to drive to Boone then back to wilmington then back to Boone. I also couldn't wait since I had a Court date for a traffic violation (I ran a stop sign) the good news was that the DA let me off - it's the first time that has ever happened.
I fully expected to have to pay for it when the Da asked me what the story was, and I asked if he really cared or not- which he said go a head so I told him what happened and he dismissed it since I told him the truth and didn't try and convince him I hadn't run the sign. So at least by going in I don't have points on my licence and didn't have to pay.


Matthew said...

I don't think I know the full stop sign story...

Terra said...

oh, I was at the Heilperns and Jason was a poop so I left and was crying and desided not to "stop" at the stop sign but to "hesitate" at 35 miles per hour- yeh, it's a empty country road and the lights always green on country roads right? unfortunatly for me there was a cop waiting for such a strupid person as I and pulled me over. I think he was new becuase he didn't really know what to do with a crying lady he inteads to cite. (the one time I can actually muster up tears and it does me no good). After he gave me my citation he asked if there was anything he coudl do to help to which I replied "what?! what are you supposed to do to help here?" He just mumbled something about calling someone and left quickly.

Jason Heilpern said...

You know you really dont put me in a good light sometimes...especially when you yourself were not being super that night either.