Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Matt I want a new post.

Well I'm back in Richmond and would nor
mally post how it is my own personal Pit of Dispair but I keep hearing Matthews voice in my head for some reason.

Not much is happening...I do have an interview with US airways on THursday at 10am that I'm excited about. Particularly since I called Melissa and asked her how long it was between her interview and start date, because I swear it would be intolerable if getting hired at the airline interfeared with seeing Matt and the girls when the visit.

My computer refuses to connect to the internet.

I'm making some good progress on the trunk I've been working to refinish.

The cat did not enjoy being left behind and left some suprises when Jason arrived.
That same cat that Jason brought home and told me was "so cute" fell off the ledge above our bed and nearly gouged Jason's eye out- I'll see about photos.

Scottie seems to have excaped his brush with death from earlier this month without scars or any memory of the incident.

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talktolebanon said...

HMMM! Sounds like fun. Sounds like time for another vacation at the Appy Palace of Pain and Torture. We have another run this Saturday so you still have time to make it. 1433