Monday, October 22, 2007

our 2nd anniversary

Last christmas Mom and Dad gave Jason and I a weekend getaway for our anniverary and this past weekend we got to enjoy it. We went to the Sounth Myrtle Beach Resort and it was AWSOME! The room was beautiful- it was actually like a small apartment. It had a fireplace and full kitchen, the bathroom had a full jecuzzi tub and seperate shower and everything was across the streat to the beach. We spent the first morning just window shopping and I found two of the "cars" Megan and I were looking for at a flea market but ultimatly decided I didn't want to get them there- for twice the price. Particularly since both Megan and I have a hord of "cars" we haven't given her yet. We have time to continue looking. Plus Megan didn't answer when I called to ask her opinion. We were thinking of going to the Medival Times banquet but didn't and instead went to Wal-mart and bought "Risk" and snacks. We ran into a lady that warned me that "Risk" was a long game and I told her that I thought I would have the upper stratgic hand.... We settled down for a long night of "Risk" playing and were suprised that I spanked Jason's troups with in 11 turns. It was the fastest game of "Risk" I have ever played. I could tell early on that Jason's troups were badly placed- he spread himself out to much and we hadn't played long enough for him to get additional troups to fortify-I kept that little tidbit to myself. (My P.O.W camp)

Yes, Jason wants a re-match.

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talktolebanon said...

Sounds like a good time.