Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day

This slide show isn't complete...I thought I had the two photos of Papa Kelley in the service as well as Randsom Pacck's portrait on my hard drive but I can't find them, so I', going to have to re-scan them to include them.

Also Last year I looked up their service records, using and have since forgotten my password. I will update this post with the information recived once I get my new password.


Mary Ann said...

Wow, Terra. I really like the slide show. I used to feel a bit left out on veterans day because none of my ancestors ever fought in a war. I think one great uncle served in WWII, but beyond that . . . so here I've married into a military legacy. Funny how life is.

Terra said...

it occured to me when I was telling sis. Heilpern about my plan to put the slide show together that I don't think there are any military men on Jason's side. There might be one or two who served in the mormon battalion...I'll have to ask Grandma Pat.
It made me realise that I'm rather proud to have so many ancesters who served.