Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To continue the suckiest ewek ever, this morning I discovered that Scrooge had died. I thought I heard Scottie wanting in and opened the door to see him sniffing Scrooges tail. I thought it was strange that Scrooge would let him get that close with out moving or something, so I went to investigate.
he wasn't breathing and he was dead.
I went and got Megan, and we moved him until we could bury him.
We told Isabella that Scrooge had died and she seemed to understand- Every now and then she would get a bit teary and say she missed him.
I thought it was going to be OK until we brought him out to bury him and she asked when he was comming back.
ummm.....well, we explained that he had gone to be with heavely Father and that he wasn't coming back.
That really upset her and she started crying again. Then she started worrying when she was going to go to heavenly father and that she wouldn't be able to come back.
I was really glad to not be the Mom in that case and to merely be support staff.
She wanted to pet Scrooge before we buried him and megan let her dot hat as long as she wanted so she would have some closure, which seemed to help a lot because after she helped fill in the hole and find rocks to cover the grave she ws al ot happier. She painted a plaster cat to look like scrooge so tht it could keep Hobbes company on the porch.
But every now and then, she says she misses him.

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The Photographer said...

That one's easy:

"No, Isa, you wouldn't go to Heavenly Father. Children who aren't baptized go to hell. Scrooge isn't with Heavenly Father either, because he doesn't have a soul."

I'm such a good father.