Friday, January 18, 2008

Early tomorrow morning I am starting my trek to retrieve the Miata- which has been left alone and forgotten in the woods of Richmond (Midlothian) to be exact. It's been sitting desolate in the parking lot of the Healy headquarters dispite it's jaunty silver paint and it's sporty little convertible hood.

it cries great big drops of oil as it thinks of Jason driving around in his Big red Blazer that replaced it so easily in his affections.
He had said they would be together forever...but alas it has not been so.

All I'm saying is that after giving it a jump the little wind up car better start up.

Mellisa has kindly offered to use some time off to visit the state that will alwaya have a special (dark) corner in my heart and retrieve the car with me. The main problem was getting to the car. I could fly in but then how to get the approx. hour to the car?
Too expensive.
We didn't get to know anyone that well to get a ride to the car, and I don't think any car rentals will drop you off instead of picking you up.

We will then get on th eroad for either the 7 hour trip to Knoxville or the 5.5 hour trip to Charlotte. We might go to Charlotte for two reasons.
1: Jessica and Jim got their car pulverized two weeks ago and we offered to let them use this one until they can get things worked out. (They seem to be under the impression that THEY are doing US a favor by using the car- don't ask me why) We haven't heard from them to let us know. Jason left a message last night.
2: Melissa and I coudl go some where "cool" (as in awsome) and it's easier to just start the trip in Charlotte, rather than drive to Knoxville and then fly back to Charlotte.
I vote somewhere cool.
I'm not looking forward tot he drive but I am relieved that we are finally getting the Miata to the same city we live in.
It will make selling it's little carcas that much easier (or possible at all) to sell. Jason is sad about the prospect of selling his wind up car and is not looking forward to it.
Melissa will be on the east coast until approx. Tuesday when she will be forced to leave my august presence and go back to work.
the work that is allowing her to go to Rome for 4 days and Germany for a week and allows her to jet off to see her family any time she wants too (thsi depends directly on how recent she saw them last and whether the memories have faded).

Right now I"m tryign to talk Jason into cashing in some of his rewards points and taking advantage of a new flight to Hawaii that has available seats. he coudl use the points and I can "Non-Rev" just so long as we go in March or April.
he's thinking about it. He just doesn't want to drive the 12 hours to see his friend who lives in a black hole of flights.
I vote Hawaii.

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