Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I guess it's my turn...

Well, I've checked everyone else's blog and there is nothing new posted. It's about at this point that it becomes clear that if I want some blogging goodness- I might try coughing up some nuggets from my life.

Jason and I have been harboring a lost cat on our back porch for the last four days. His name is Champ- he's white, nuetured, rabies vacinated and very affectionate.
Despite all this going his way it looks like his previous owners dumped at our apt complete during their last move. I suspect this because his collar had a vets office name o it and they gave me the address listed on his records.
I drove by and the house was EMPTY.

I don't want another cat. Or even that cute fat puppy that looks just like Scottie when he was young, and not smelly. I definatly don't want another bird - the joy that Fred throws my way is just too much for me as it is.

We thought we would have to take it to a shelter but Jason said one of his co-workers might interested in it.

I've been working as a temp for the last month at a company called Formall. Everyone has been very nice to me and they are considering me for a permanent position. it's just Admin work- pretty basic and non-demanding. The owner was THRILLED to hear that I was homeschooled and let me know that if he could do anything to help me out, to just let him know.
I'm pretty sure based on a later conversation that he thought I was just out of Highschool.
I've been training for the Bear in a real effort to not be out run by Isabella - that 10:51 mile time really shook my confendence.
No, really, I"m not joking - that's really close to my natural pace.
I"ve also been continuing my quest for a working projector for Nana - I thought I found one but then I couldn't make it work, so I took it back to the antique shop that I bought it at and the nice owner guy said he would look at it and try and fix it for me. This was after we tried four other projectors with limited results. I haven't heard back form him but since I can't go and pick it up until Sat. I figure there isn't a point to bugging him.

I plan on getting an estimate of the number of film rolls that there are from Aunt Barbara and seeing if this company I know of will give a bulk discount so that we can get them digitally transferred.

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