Friday, July 18, 2008


A co-worker of mine has a litter of puppies that he is selling. But he also wants them well socialized because they are little Doberman Pincer puppies and the dame and sire are both attack dogs.
I agreed to take one of the boy puppies on a sleep over about two weeks ago and it was a really good experience, so I had him again on Wednesday night.
His name right now is Grey Boy (based on the gey yarn collar he has) and he is a sweet heart!
I took some pictures of him for fun and because Danny asked me to, and I think some of them turned out pretty well.


Liz said...

Oh soooooo cute!!! Is this going to be the replacement when Scotty kicks the bucket? I have the perfect replacement in mind for poor I'm just counting down the days- poor useless but sweet dog!

Megan said...

he is bigger then i imagined. i find him a little scary looking to be honest.

Terra said...

he just looks big. he probably weighs about 30 lbs (scottie is 50+) and his shoulders don't even come to my knee (scottie does).