Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am not having fun today.
I have spoken to wait.. (the magic number four) people regarding the fact that I CAN'T ACCESS ANY CONTENT FOR MY CLASSES!.

Not happy.

They keep trying to tell me that the professor hasn't populated the fields yet- but unfornutatly for them, I already spoke to my professors and know this is a load of BUNK.

If I said my name was "Terra" and someone repeated back "Sarah" and I corrected them with the following sentence, how would you think my name was spelled?

"No, "Terra" like "Earth" or "Terracotta"."

The claim to be looking into this and will call me back.

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abby232000 said...

Sounds like a very familiar situation to me. I remember the days of dealing with incompetent community college staff. Soooo glad it is over. I feel for you.