Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lets stroll...

I spoke with Mary Ann about what we should do for our upcomming 30th birthday (our birthdays are a week apart) and she mentioned that she would rather do something meanignful on her list of things she wants to accomplish more than she wants to just goof off...soooo, I have drudged up my old "Goals" list that I wrote in my teens/early 20s.

Yes I had a rather detailed one, and yes, I kept it all these years.
And yes, it's depressing.

1.Write in my journal each night
2. Don't watch rated "R" movies for a year
3. Run each day with Scottie (he hated running)
4. Pass V.M.I requirements ( Virginia Military Institute -I believe this was durring the time that the girl sued them and Jacob Guffey tried to tell me that girls wern't as strong as boys and theirfore unfit for the military.)
5. Write a missionary each week (I guess I just thought this would be nice to do.)
6. Take a dance class
7. Get CPR certified (I did have this one done, but it's expired now)
8. Listen to all German tapes
9. Take one flying lesson
10. Go wall climbing by end of Feb.
11. Stay worth to go to the temple
12. Pay tithing
13. Don't say swear words for a month ( I guess I felt I swore too much)
14. Learn to juggle
15. Get Scottie trained to "Sit" "Stay" "Heel" and the all important"Come"
16. Become more neat
17. Get a "B" or better in all my classes this quarter (proof this list is very old)
18. Gratuate from WPCC by 1999
19. Apply for State in time to start school in 2000
20. Get a job
21. Save 1000 dollars by 1998
22. Learn two songs on the piano in two months
23. Practice Flute twice a week
24. Practice Sign Language/ sing one song each night
25. Write letter to elephant farm for information ( I wanted to volunteer )
26. Save for trip to Germany
27. Read a classic book every two months
28. Pray everyday for the year
29. find out about karate lessons

There is another list out there that goes over all the random things I wanted to do before I die.


Liz said...

Wow- this is a detailed list- all mine consisted of back then were 'find a guy'...haha! The whole elephant volunteering thing...? But I guess I should never be suprised with anything that comes to you- I don't think I'd necessarily be depressed over not accomplishing many things on this list! You can help me complete one of my goals which is 'Get Terra to come out to visit me in UT!!'

abby232000 said...

Pretty admirable that you aspire to so many goals. Are you making up a new list now?