Monday, October 27, 2008

I think I've been rendered uncounsious...

I am sooo tired. Thank goodness the day is half over.
I've still got so much stuff to do...(some of them I just want to do- for my own good.)
I noticed with all the emotional upheaval I've gone through lately I started getting more anti-social by the day. When i mentioned this revelation to Matt his responce was "oh, good you noticed. I noticed and thought I might have to say something".
To repair my metal capacity I go running almost every nigth after work.
It's cold today and I'm tired but I also feel like I'm dropping off on my commitment, so I feel I need to go anyway.

There is a Swing Dance society in Knoxville, I've been intending on checking it out for about four months.
I also need to finish the laundry that is now sitting in the livingroom, a prime target for a cat nap. I also have written out my Christmas list and now have to obtain the items.


Matthew said...

Excercise is a wonderful thing. I think you should give these folks a call:

We hosted the Nationa Women's Rugby championship this weekend in STL, and it looked interesting. It was the first time I had ever seen women's rugby. Even MA said that it looked reasonable.

Oh, BTW, I am going to relentlessly hound you about forever, so you might as well go once and get it out of the way. How cool would it be for both of us to be Rugby players?

Terra said...

I checked the link- I might go watch a game...i don't know, it's cold out here. =)

Liz said...

Yikes- you;re a tough chick Terra, but isn't Rugby pretty hands on? Last time I checked, you weren't the touchy feely type... haha. Never know though, pounding someone else into oblivion just might be a good outlet for your justified angst!