Sunday, December 07, 2008

This is a little late but still...there it is.

I really wanted to go or do something special for my 30th birthday. Something positive for such a mile marker.
Last year Melissa and I tried to go to Cancun, Mexico but she couldn't get enough time off from the airline to travel- so instead we went to Las Vegas and saw "Stomp out Loud". (which is very good).

This year Melissa found a fantastic deal on a 5 day cruise which I couldn't go on becuase I don't have vacation time at work yet. Plus jessica chose that weekend to bless Alice.

I decided that no matter what, I was going to go on this trip. Melissa decided that she was not going to let me take this trip alone. It turns out I don't have any friends with passports other than her-or if they do they just had a baby.

We weren't sure she would be able to go with me until a day and half before our flight because of...not getting her shift picked up at that blasted airprot. Turns out that people dont' like working at the ticket counter. but she managed to pull the rabbit out of her hat and went to extreme lengths to be sure to catch the flight from Charlotte to Cacun but flying to Indianapolis and spending the night in the airport.
We did hit a rough spot when her plan in Indianapolis got mechanical trouble and was delayed for two hours causing us to catch the next flight from Charlotte. When we stepped out of the airport and into the mexico sunshine we were both hit with...about 90% humidity. Which even I found a bit stiphling but was absolutly awful for Ms. Pheonix AZ Melissa. SHe was great though, since our trip to Porto Rico her Spanish has improved a lot and was able to ask where the bus stop to down town was. We had decided that we wanted to check out down town first because of time contstrants the next day. Over all I would say it's a waste of time. Not even close to the the coolness of San Jose. Plus the merchants are extremely in your face.
On the upside we did enjoy an absolutly delious meal of Mexican food. We were walking around looking at things and saw the open air cafe filled with locals and decided that must mean it was good.
We were right. I picked my meal with my time proven technique of randomly pointing at something on the menu and saying brightly "i want this".
Melissa had to try twice because the first selection was out. She also has allergies.
I was really enjoying my meal when I bit into something that felt like a seed...and then I couldnt' taste or feel anything. what ever it was that I ate burnt a a firey path down the left side of my throught singing all that got in it's way. It was so hot I was gagging. Melissa was laughing at my facial expressions.


Liz said...

Ah, how sorry I am to not have been able to go! Next time you plan a trip I'll go if you don't mind dragging along a little man! :) Glad you had a great time, the pictures are awesome!!

Terra said...

You'd have to get a passport first you know =)

Matthew said...

Glad you had such a good time. I wish I could have gone!

Melissa said...

I have decided next time we are going to take the shuttle into downtown, eat at that restaurant, then catch the bus to the hotel. It is an added bonus that the restaurant is along the bus route. No point wasting anymore time downtown than we have too.

The humidity was MUCH easier to handle once I got out of the jeans and blouse I had been wearing on the plane.

I only laughed until I knew what all the faces where for. I don't know how you always make me sound like such a jerk laughing at you. ;)

P.S. We went to Costa Rica, not Puerto Rico. We'll make it to Puerto Rico soon enough. :)

Terra said...

why are you a jerk? You know I would have laughed at you don't you?

Melissa said...

What do you mean "would have"? You TOTALLY laughed at me every chance you got. I'm just trying to figure out why I sound like such a jerk when I laugh at you. ;)